Craniosacral Therapy and Biodynamic Massage

My journey through the world of Craniosacral therapy and Biodynamic Massage has been a quest for wholeness within myself and a joy of intuitive learning I had not known was possible in my formal high school education. It brought me home to myself. It began after four years active duty service, Air Force, in the Mojave dessert where I met my husband. He got orders to RAF Lakenheath, so we moved to the UK, where I attended College of Craniosacral Therapy in London, Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre, & a beautiful residential training on the Devonshire Moores at Karuna Institute.

I have been in practice for 18 years and each moment spent in relationship with a patient, we discover the possibility of stillness, transformation, potential for deep listening and healing. “When the Body is truly listened to, it becomes eloquent.” ~Marion Woodman

While studying in England for so many years, friends and fellow students would ask me, how does it make you feel, that the American healthcare system leaves so many behind? That planted the seeds of yearning to use my creativity towards fundamental change. I founded Red Berets Medicare for All, because I believe healthcare is a human right and this should include holistic care. We organize at the grassroots and we craft for nurses and for the 99%.

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