We offer a wide variety of wellness treatments


Marconi Chiropractic and Wellness doctor’s use the approach of manual therapy, motion palpation and diversified technique to eliminate joint pain.

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Acupuncture originated in ancient China many centuries ago. Along with Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture is presently one of the world's main disciplines of primary medical care.

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Personal Training

JD works with everyone from professional athletes, to someone who is recovering from hip surgery. He specializes in creating a fitness plan for your individual needs.

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Massage assists in the healing of injuries such as tendinitis, ligament sprains or muscle strains. Massage therapy reduces swelling and inflammation.

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Nutrition is key to proper health. What we put into our bodies fuels us. If our diet consists of fried, over cooked, colorless food, our bodies will run sluggish.

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This ancient Japanese energy therapy works in conjunction with the body's energy meridian lines & chakras to treat the body, mind and spirit.

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Convenient Location

We are a family friendly chiropractor and wellness center located in Hilltop, Tacoma.

Dedicated Staff

All the providers work together in a team approach to give you the best care possible

Family Friendly

Our facility is warm and relaxing, a place where you can focus on healing not the anxiety.

On November 5th, 2021 Marconi Chiropractic & Wellness Will Be Celebrating Our 5-Year Anniversary!

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