We offer a wellness approach to healing the body where traditional medicine fails. We live in such a fast past, technologically advanced time period and yet we’re as sick and overweight as we have ever been. This is the reality we live in. What if healthcare cost were decreasing and the quality of health was increasing? What if we lived in a world where we were proactive verses reactive? We need to be thinking about our bodies as a temple and giving in it the proper nutrition it deserves to live a life free of disease. It’s as easy as eating with a purpose and learning the tools of what to put onto your plate. We focus on a plant based diet that fuels our bodies.

We will help you learn the benefits to eating at least 50% of your diet being plant based each day. Regardless if you’re a meat eater, vegetarian, vegan or even a junk food junkie, we can help you with meal ideas, recipes, grocery list and supplementation. It is only our goal to help improve your life, even meatless Monday’s is a step in the right direction.

Convenient Location

We are a family friendly chiropractor and wellness center located in Hilltop, Tacoma.

Dedicated Staff

All the providers work together in a team approach to give you the best care possible

Family Friendly

Our facility is warm and relaxing, a place where you can focus on healing not the anxiety.

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