Marconi Chiropractic and Wellness doctor’s use the approach of manual therapy, motion palpation and diversified technique to eliminate joint pain.

Our bodies are about motion and if we can’t move properly our body mechanics become out of whack and pain will creep in. We are not a pain chaser, but a problem finder. Sometimes where it hurts is not where the problem is. We evaluate the whole body and adjust the joints that don’t have proper movement. Anywhere there is a joint, we can adjust. From your jaw to your toes and everything in-between. We individualize your treatment plan to create a custom plan to improve mobility and health. Our objective is to get you moving and out of pain as quickly as possible. We believe it takes a team to treat a patient. No one therapy is a whole in one. We appreciate the input from other practitioners and working with others to find a treatment plan for our patients.

Convenient Location

We are a family friendly chiropractor and wellness center located in Hilltop, Tacoma.

Dedicated Staff

All the providers work together in a team approach to give you the best care possible

Family Friendly

Our facility is warm and relaxing, a place where you can focus on healing not the anxiety.

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