Alyssa Ross

Office Manager

Alyssa Ross is a dedicated professional who brings a wealth of experience in marketing and a passion for wellness to her role at Marconi Chiropractic and Wellness. Having pursued her education in Kansas, where she studied Marketing, Alyssa has developed a strong foundation in the field.

In addition to her academic achievements, Alyssa's athletic background shines through as she played college softball, demonstrating her commitment, discipline, and teamwork skills.

At Marconi Chiropractic and Wellness, Alyssa's responsibilities include managing scheduling and overseeing social media marketing efforts. With her attention to detail and organizational skills, she ensures that appointments run smoothly and the clinic's online presence is engaging and informative.

Outside of work, Alyssa's love for animals shines through as she enjoys spending time with her four dogs, providing them with plenty of love and playtime. When she's not busy with her furry friends, Alyssa finds joy in outdoor activities such as riding ATV's and maintaining an active lifestyle by regularly going to the gym.

With her dedication to her work, passion for wellness, and diverse interests outside of the office, Alyssa brings a well-rounded approach to her role, making her a valued asset to the Marconi Chiropractic and Wellness team.

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