JD Kocher

Massage Therapist

My passion for health and fitness started while playing professional golf in Arizona nearly 15 years ago. What started a quest to hit a golf ball harder and farther has evolved into a desire to find the healthiest and most enjoyable way to live life possible! Through the years my training regiment has included, but not limited to standard weight training bodybuilding, endurance running and biking, and more recently crossfit. On the other nutritional side I have personally lived a life of daily counting calories, following a low glycemic index, low carb, high carb diet, paleolithic diet, but no diet has cut back on my inflammation and made me more energetic then a vegan lifestyle and diet. I feel every day is a cheat day because the food not only is nutritious but extremely taste and fulfilling. I love how the power of organic vegan food makes me feel more alive. I’m excited to treat others at Marconi Chiropractic and Wellness with the love of my life, Dr. Marconi, as I grow personally and professionally through massage therapy. I look forward to helping those that are on their own personal quest for health at Marconi Chiropractic and Wellness.

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