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Meet Lenna Shepard

Lenna Shepard Thermography Technician

I  have been on a journey of a holistic approach to health and wellness for myself and others. Certified Thermography Technician, all within the last 18 years. I  most recent training has been in Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy and Environmental Toxin Educator.

Breast health is a strong passion for me and offer a non-invasive digital scanning procedure for early breast cancer detection for women but also full body scanning for early cancer detection in women and men. The non-invasive digital scanning provides men & women with options and an additional and comprehensive approach to complete breast health awareness.

Thermography results have shown a pattern of lymphatic congestion and toxicity which led me to investigate the lymphatic system resulting in introducing the Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy & Educate clients about Environmental Toxins.

 My passion is to educate women about complete breast health awareness so they can make an educated choice about their health and wellness.

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