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Meet Beer Carr

Meet Beer Carr Massage Therapist

Beer has been practicing the art of massage since she could walk on her mom's back in the early 90s.

Her passion has always been to help and uplift others. She has been focused on myofascial treatments, using a range of styles in Sarga Bodyworks and Ashiatsu. In a perfect world massage would be free, and every cat would have a loving home.

Made in Germany, but her lineage has ties to Spain and the Philippines. Growing up an army brat has taught her that everyone is one in the same no matter what country they hail from. She loves walking everywhere, and utilizes the metro whenever she can.

Hilltop has been her home since October 2011, but before that her home was Talahi Island in Savannah, Georgia. So you could say she was a girl raised in the south. Even though she has been a west coast gal for about ten years she still has a hint of a southern accent.

If she can make one person smile, then her day is made. Her motto is eat sleep, breathe, massage. Some fun facts; she is very fond of shuffle dancing, staff spinning, and hula hooping. Dancing is her outlet for expressing what her words and hands cannot.

Beer believes that movement is medicine, and is essential for self-care. The key to life is to always move, even if it’s just your mind thinking and your breath in motion. She is a 500 hour RYT, trained in Iyengar, Yin, and Hatha. When she isn't being a cat mom to Zhu Zhu, Cheezit, Luna, and Scrappy, she is on her purple yoga mat channeling her inner Scorpio powers of light.

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